I'm sorry and I don't like it, but I've got to put this blog on hiatus. Riley's just not.. just not talking to me anymore. I don't want to delete, but I might be forced to if she doesn't come back? But for now? I'm just going to leave her on hiatus. I'm so sorry, you've all been and I love you all <3. Hopefully she'll come back

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introducing: tumblr users being smooth as fuck

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Mycroft: I don’t see it. SH: Plain as day. There for all to see. Plain as the nooose on your…

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Sherlock hadn’t seen Riley Owens in a while, and since it was Christmas, well it was only logical that he get her a little something. Going through online stores wasn’t his idea of Christmas shopping, but he needed to for this gift. Thankfully it arrived in time for the holiday, but it was his meticulous wrapping that made him late. 

Now, he set the wrapped package on her table, his eyes directing her to her missing violin, which was poking out from behind the couch cushions. “Merry Christmas, Riley.”

"A present?" She blushed as she looked at it. Honestly, she hadn’t expected anything from him at all from him, but seeing it there.. She reached for it and opened it carefully, laughing softly at the shirt. Finally, she looked back up at him to say thanks, only to see his staring. Following the line of sight, she couldn’t help but laugh.

"I knew you knew where it was.."

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at what point in a mutual followship am i allowed to address you by name and reply to all your posts and consider you one of my friends and stuff

#if you’re waiting for a sign #this is it

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